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About Us


The Startup Sprint will give selected startups a massive boost in developing a business solution to a core problem we have in Lebanon and globally, through a collaborative and mentor-driven approach. Unlike other hackathons, there is no coding involved and no prior experience is necessary; startups just need to bring their brains and enthusiasm. Our experts coaches will walk teams through every step of the way.  Over the three days, teams get mentored on key startup development topics including problem validation, market opportunity, competitive advantage, and more, in order to complete the program with a basic pitch deck and a work plan. The Sprint will result in improving the quality of teams to potentially continue on and benefit from further startup support in the Bootcamp Program and Elevate Accelerator.

What will startups gain?

  • An unprecedented opportunity to work with an incredible set of local and international mentors
  • A chance to be selected for the second phase of Bootcamp, focused on investment-readiness
  • A chance to be selected for Elevate Impact Accelerator, Lebanon's first social impact accelerator, formed through a partnership between UNICEF and AltCity and offering 20,000$ in funding.
  • Cash prizes worth USD 5,000

Meet Our Mentors

Ahmad Dhaine
Emile Sawaya
twitter-2.png @emilesawaya
• Business Development
• Growth Hacking
• Public Speaking/Pitching
Ahmad Dhaine
Ahmad Dhaini
twitter-2.png @ardhaini

• Software/Hardware

• Customer Acquisition

• Business Model / Pitch Deck 

Jennifer Kenaan
Jennifer Kanaan 
twitter-2.png @trendsnutrition
• Social Media Marketing
• Digital Advertising
• Blogging
Karen Lattouf
Karen Lattouf
twitter-2.png @karenlattouf
• Analytical ability
• Attention to detai
• Logical reasoning
Mark Dickinson
Mark Dickinson
• Training
• Management
• Leadership
Nada Mais Jarrah
Nada Mais Jarrah
twitter-2.png @nadammais
• Knowledge Management
• Event Planning
• Data Analytics
Nader Zaatari
Nader Zaatari
twitter-2.png @naderzaatari
• Product development
• Business Management
• Startup Experience
Naila Abou Khater
Naila Abou Khater
twitter-2.png @nailaaboukhater
• Marketing
• Business Management
• Startup support
Nour Atrissi
Nour Atrissi
twitter-2.png @nouratrissi
• Public Speaking/Pitching
• Digital Marketing
• Business Development
Rabih El Khodr
Rabih El Khodr
twitter-2.png @rabihelkhodr
• Public Speaking/Pitching
• Copywriting & Editing
• Marketing & Communictions
Rami Allaw
Rami Allaw
twitter-2.png @rami_allaw
• Capacity Building
• International Development
• Proposal Writing
Rene Gharios
Renee Gharios
• Business plan
• Financials
• Strategy
Rida Mawla
Rida Mawla
twitter-2.png @bilo_m
• Startup Consultancy
• Data Analysis
• Fiancial analysis
Roni Matar
Roni Matar
twitter-2.png @ronifmatar
• Negotiation
• Project Planning
• Time Management
Salma Jawhar
Salma Jawhar
twitter-2.png @playmyway_app
• Online Marketing
• Marketing Strategies
Zeina Saab
Zeina Saab
twitter-2.png @zeinasaab

• Social Impact Design
• Public Speaking/Pitching
• Copywriting
Ziad Alame
Ziad Alame
twitter-2.png @ziadalame
• Computer Programming
• Software Design
• Develop Software from scratch
Georges Fallah.png
Georges Fallah 
twitter-2.png @georgesfallah
• Marketing Strategy
• Cusotmer Relationships
• Consumer Management
Joelle Atallah.png
Joelle Atallah
• Design Thinking Visual
• Communication Innovation
• Branding
Rachid El Darjani
Rachid El Darjani
twitter-2.png @rachid_darjani
• Revenue Modeling
• Development
• Business Develpment
Stephanie d'Arc Taylor.png
Stephanie d'Arc Taylor
twitter-2.png @sdarct
• Workflow design
• Communications
• People Management
Joelle Assaf.png
Joelle Assaf
• Advertising
• Creative Writing
• Film Editing
Abdallah Harfoush.png
Abdallah Harfoush
twitter-2.png @88abdallah
• Revenue Modeling
• Development
• Business Develpment
Bassem Dghaidi
Bassem Dghaidi
• Software Engineering
• Project / Product Management
• User Experience

The Judging Panel

Fawzi Rahhal
Mr. Fawzi Rahhal
Managing Director
Alain Nohra.png
Mr. Alain Nohra
Country Manager
Fares Samara.png
Mr. Fares Samara
Chief Technical Officer
Maya Rahal.png
Ms. Maya Rahhal
Editor in Chief
Tara Nehme.png
Ms. Tara Nehme
Program Director
Elevate Impact Accelerator

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